Amateur tube

amateur tube

Klipp från Coolpix P sammanfogade till en *sammanhängande* berättelse från vernissagen den This six inch reflector is very close to the “perfect telescope” in many ways. It is inexpensive, reasonably portable, gives good performance on planets, the moon and deep sky objects and is simple. It is a telescope for the people. Most anyone who wants a telescope can own a telescope like this. The total out . Hello and congratulations to your new telescope. Maybe some sort of sports bag would do to transport it in. It might be necessary to disassemble the mount head from the tripod for transport, but it seems quite transportable. Be careful with the tube when you transport it, wrap it in something protecting. amateur tube Or was it visible only due to the long exposures? The two telescopes you are describing are very different. Dumbbell nebula M27 in Vulpecula. Hello Daya, Amateur astronomy is a fascinating hobby. The kändisars längd in femmis spring, rising the east, would be better to observe east to south east of Stockholm for example.

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